If you are a “foodie” and gluten free then we have the yacht for you!

One of the funnest things we get to do at the BVI boat show each November is to have the honor of being invited to lunches and dinners on the yachts.  It not only gives us a chance to talk with the crew but also sample the food we hear so much about. This can sometimes be challenging for us because of food allergies.  We are both gluten free (not by choice).  Yacht Chefs are the best in the world and don’t back away from an EPIC meal even with food restrictions.  We had the pleasure of dining on Xenia 50 with Chef Jade and Captain Peter.  Can you believe it, they are both gourmet chefs!!! Chef Jade hails from Vancouver Island Canada and has traveled around the world enjoying and learning cuisine from places like Costa Rica, New England, and the Eastern Caribbean.  Captain Peter is a certified Sommelier who paired amazing wines with the dinner we enjoyed.


Chef Jade also won 2 awards during the boat show.  “Best Dessert under 60 foot yacht” and runner up for “Best Appetizer under 60 foot yacht”

Our dining experience on the yacht started with a conch ceviche.  The flavors were amazing. Spicy and sweet.  The conch was tender and the presentation was brilliant.  It was followed by a beet juice “pallet cleanser”.   The main course was jerk spiced pork tenderloin.
Dessert, how many ways can I say Epic was the dessert.  Chef Jade called it “the flower pot the cat knocked over”.


It was chocolate mouse with a chocolate cookie crumble.  It was one of the best desserts we’ve ever had!

Contact us to hear more about this EPIC “foodie” yacht!  www.epicyachtcharters.com

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