Post Hurricane News from the BVI

As many of you know and have already seen news on National TV and Social Media, Hurricane Irma was responsible for a lot of damage to the Leeward Islands of the Caribbean. The British Virgin Islands were especially hit hard with the eye of the storm passing directly over Tortola. We were on Tortola during the storm and were not injured.  We are now safely in Puerto Rico awaiting to fly back to the US.  While, it was horrible to see, we would not change a thing.  The BVI is part of us as is Epic.  This storm has brought us closer to both.

The good news is that these islands are full of incredibly strong people.  Even in the 6 days after the storm that we were there, there was already a huge amount of clean up happening and we even know of owners that have ordered new yachts already after their yachts were lost. Others are in progress of getting their boats inspected so that repairs can begin. Everyone is helping in one form of another.

After the storm passed and we were able to make our way back through Road Town to Nanny Cay, we saw the devastation first hand of such a powerful Category 5 Hurricane. Many boats were lost. Some sunk and a few were dismasted, but we also found yachts turned upside down and sunk.

Epic Yacht Charters BVI are now reaching out to crews and boat owners to establish the status of all the vessels in the Crewed Yacht Charter fleet. We are going to remain positive that this industry will regain its strength, the islands are going to be beautiful again soon and though it will be a bumpy ride for a while, people will want to return to “Nature’s Little Secrets” and support the economy of the BVI.

We want to assure you of our utmost attention trying to shuffle boats and crews to ensure that charters already booked, are going ahead. At the end of the day, all you need is a boat with fuel and provisions, a great crew and a couple of beautiful bays in which to anchor in. Soon someone is going to set up a plank table with a blender hooked up to a generator making painkillers on White Bay, Jost van Dyke. There will still be watersports from your yacht and the fish are waiting for company when you go for a snorkel or dive.

Food, Fuel and Water is already arriving in the ports and soon with guests arriving at the airport, the boats can head out to sea again. Services will slowly be restored and everyone contributing to the charter industry will help provide jobs for cleaners, laundry, taxis and many more.

Epic Yacht Charters BVI invite your positive feedback and we will not give up. There is no reason to doubt that the BVI will be great again soon.

Please enquire for more details. We are happy to answer all your questions. LiveChat anytime directly from the website.

Soon the BVI will be back to normal

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