The Rebirth of the BVI

As you all may know, we were right there in the storm when Irma struck our beloved islands and left Puerto Rico just before Hurricane Maria. Our business relies on the internet and we are currently in the USA where we can serve you better with fast WiFi which was not available in the BVI at the time. We have dear friends there and personally know many crews and boat owners who suffered loss during this tragedy. We feel deeply for them and wish everyone a quick recovery and prosperity in the future. Rebuilding BVI is just going to be taking a little longer, but there is such a positive vibe throughout the Caribbean community.

The islands are going to be green again, the sun will drench the white beaches and the people will come back…

Yes, there is uncertainty at this time, but all will return to normal soon. There has been such positive responses when asked if there will ever be a charter yacht industry again. Everyone is re-building daily and improvements are happening every day, for example; Nanny Cay Marina is moving boats to be repaired and new docks are on order. Various companies and individuals are improving services to promote the tourism industry, the backbone of these Caribbean islands. The people living here rely on your business now to help create jobs and provide income for their families. This is made possible when you take your next vacation in the Virgin Islands.


All the crews are fine. Most of the boats are fine as they sailed south for the Hurricane season, but there are a few of the crewed yachts that have sustained damage beyond repair and will not be available for charter. Please contact us if you have any questions regarding the status of a specific yacht and crew.
There is already promise from some owners that they will buy new boats and crews will resume their positions.


The clean-up is constant. The re-building is a never ending project. Everything must be better than before. People are receiving aid and help is on the way. The military has made a huge impact on safety and security and are helping with restoring order. Favorite hangouts have taken a serious blow. The Good News is that the islands are not “TOTALLY DESTROYED”. So here are some positive updates: Myetts in Cane Garden will be open in November, Elms December, Pirates in Norman have started rebuilding, charter companies have yachts available for the forthcoming season – they did Not all sink. The Boat Show will take place at Nanny Cay in November 2017, Pearl of the Orient, Genes, banks, ports are open, commercial flights to follow, roads have been cleared, BVI Electricity bringing in outside contractors, The drive and commitment being seen throughout the islands by everyone is humbling and uplifting. So please support the BVI and post and share good news reports. That is the spirit of “Nature’s little Secrets”. It will be like the islands used to be in the 80’s. Foxy’s used to be a lean-to shack with a small generator making blended cocktails. People are resilient and proud and will not just give up.
We have also just received news that the popular dive site of the RMS Rhone is intact and unaffected by the storms, which means the snorkeling and diving will still be great!


We are committed to our clients and that is our first priority. Next is our devotion to the people and tourism industry of the BVI and other Caribbean islands. Charters booked on boats that are unable to fulfil their commitment to charter, have been cancelled and clients are getting their money back on those who qualify according to their contracts. We are giving up our commissions earned on those contracts.
Those who have charters booked early in 2018 should not have any concerns as the boats will be provisioned, the beautiful bays await with great snorkeling, beach fun, water sport activities and great cuisine on-board your private luxury crewed yacht.
We have also teamed up with a volunteer group matching skilled labor with organizations to provide aid to expedite the rebuilding of these wonderful islands. If you know of someone willing to help please click on their website. You can also help out financially by Donating to organizations who are committed to getting aid and help to the people who need it most.

Follow our page on Facebook to stay up to date with all the progress and also see some fun facts and photos as we move forward.
Reserve your next charter vacation for 2018 with us as the yacht that you are interested may be booked since there are fewer options at this moment. Soon there will be newer and more boats arriving in the charter fleet and popular weeks will be grabbed first. Consider spending a week in the Bahamas or even further South in the Grenadines. We at Epic worked on yachts in the Bahamas for 2 years and with our experience, will be adding content to our website soon.

We look forward to serving you with the same enthusiasm as before and at no cost to you! Contact Michelle Heyns today to enquire about availability and general status of the charter yacht industry.
Call: 1 (954) 543 1270 or LiveChat on our website:

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