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Get acquainted with the British Virgin Islands: visualize your journey.

British Virgin Islands

A typical catamaran sailing around the BVI will travel about 10 miles per day, stopping at a few anchorages. A 7-day trip can take you in a full circle around the islands – about 70 miles. For those that just love to sail, extend your trip or double your time on the boat and keep sailing!

View a sample 7-Day BVI Crewed Yacht itinerary here.

Sample Itinerary

Having a hard time visualizing your crewed yacht vacation in the BVI? Take a look at a 7-day sample itinerary to get the ideas flowing and plan your trip.

A2 at Salt Island

“Must Sees” in BVI

While everything in the BVI is stunning there are a few things not to be missed. Take a look at our favorite cuisine, tips and must see day trips.

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