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Diving in the British Virgin Islands

Diving from your charter varies from yacht to yacht. Several yachts include equipment and dives directly in the price of the charter, while other yachts charge for equipment rental and diving as needed. In the case of a diving on an inclusive chartered yacht, you will often be diving right from the boat. Some yachts use commercial dive companies that will come to the yacht to pick you up and take you diving with them for the day (called rendezvous diving). A number of yachts offer dive certification on board the yacht with a dive instructor. Enquire about all courses available from your crew.

If you are looking for a diving vacation in the BVI, our expert charter yacht broker will pair you with yachts that offer services matching your Scuba diving needs.

TIP: Wreck of the Rhone is one of the most famous dives in the world, well worth the trip to the BVI. The movie “The Deep” was filmed at this dive site.

Don’t forget: One of the best things about a private crewed yacht charter is that you can snorkel from the back of the yacht anytime anywhere! BVI’s pristine clear blue water offers opportunities every day for snorkeling. All sailing and motor yachts provide snorkel gear, such as masks, snorkel and fins for guests.

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