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You can fly into Nassau to explore the Capitol or Great Exuma where you can start your trip further South. There are too many Cays to mention, but you can stop over at the popular Exuma Cays to see the highlights. Shallow water makes for great water-sport activities with your yacht anchored near the white sandy beaches. Swim with pigs on Great Major Cay, spot indigenous iguanas on Allen Cay and snorkel into the famous “Thunderball Grotto” near Staniel Cay Yacht Club. These coral atolls are dotted North to South which is great for beam reach sailing.

You can choose between Sailing Catamarans, Power Catamarans and Sailing Yachts in this charter location. All Epic charter yachts are crewed and offer an all-inclusive week-long unforgettable vacation for your family and friends with an exciting Bahamas itinerary.

Contact us if you need help with your search and we’ll send you a list of matching crews and yachts based upon our vast experience in the Charter Yacht Industry.


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