What is not included in the yacht charter fee?

Category: Yacht Charter Cost

For most Caribbean charters that are all inclusive: Not included are crew gratuities of 15-20%, optional marina docking/berthing for an overnight stay, excursions, and meals ashore, special requests for top-shelf liquor, wine, or excessive alcohol consumption, and transfers to and from the airport.

For Greece charters or APA charters “plus expenses”: APA expenses include fuel for both the yacht and tender, provisions, dockage, moorings, airport transfers, cruising permits and taxes, scuba diving and onshore excursions.

The APA payment is typically 20%-25% of the base charter rate for sailing yachts and 30%-35% for motor yachts. Your captain will purchase provisions, taxes, fuel etc for the charter using the APA and will keep all receipts along with a running log of expenses. This can be viewed at any time during your charter.


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