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Temperatures range from mids 80's°F in the summer to the 70's°F during April, May, September and October.


EST: + 7 hours




220V 50Hz, European 2 pin plug



What to pack

Light clothing – Shorts, swimsuits, T-Shirts, cover ups, sunglasses, hat, flip flops and long sleeve tops for the evenings, as it can get cool. If you wish to dine on shore you may wish to take some more formal clothing. 

Medication – the yachts all have first aid kits with common over the counter medications but if you have any prescription medicines be certain to bring these with you in your hand luggage. 

Luggage – should be a soft sided duffel type bag. Hard suitcases take up too much space on the yachts. 


You will receive a preference sheet to complete before your charter in Greece. This is your opportunity to give your crew as much information as possible so that they can plan your vacation. 

The sheet will cover things such as, what drinks you would like onboard, your food likes and dislikes as well as any allergies you or anyone in your group may have, your travel arrangements to Greece so that transportation to the yacht can be arranged, whether from the airport or a hotel. You can also note what activities you would like to do during your charter or if there are any onshore excursions you want to experience. 


Saronic Itinerary Map

Planning the itinerary in the Greek Islands depends on what you would like to see and do and of course, the weather. We can provide you with information for each sailing area, so you arrive ready to get the most out of your yacht charter. 

Once you arrive at your yacht, you will discuss the final itinerary with your captain. He/she will have the latest weather report and so can suggest the best route to take under the current wind conditions. This way you can have a smooth, fun and relaxed experience. Greece has the Meltemi which is a strong wind blowing mostly during the day and is especially strong during July and August. For your comfort we suggest you chose areas that are protected from these winds during these months. 


There are very few islands that have organised marinas. However, all islands have small harbors but there is no possibility of pre-booking a place to dock for the night. It can get busy during high season so only if you arrive early will you get a spot. Most harbors have bays nearby to anchor for the night. The crew will then take you to shore to explore in the tender. Everyone loves Santorini but unfortunately it is not a boat friendly place. There are no harbors or marinas there and unfortunatly it is not possible to anchor because being a volcanic island the waters are too deep. The best thing to do would be to take a ferry from Los or Milos. 

Saronic Hydra Day 4


This is an advanced payment for all your expenses associated with your charter. It is estimated at 20% of the charter fee for sailing yachts and up to 40% for motor yachts (due to higher fuel costs). A.P.A funds are used to pay for your drinks, food, any transfer services, mooring/dock fees, fuel etc. During the charter the captain will keep a detailed account of what has been spent. you can view this at anytime. At the end of the charter the captain will present you with all the accounts and receipts. Any remaining amount will be refunded to you. If you go over the APA, this will need to be settled before you disembark. Click here to learn more bout the cost of a charter in Greece. 


Charters usually start and end at 12 noon. After you board the crew will show you your cabins, help you stow your luggage and explain the basics of the vessels facilities and how to use them. Before departure from the marina the captain will give you a thorough safety briefing. This is very important. These rules are in place for your comfort and ultimately your safety while onboard. 

On the boat you can go barefoot or wear clean, light-soled shoes that have not been used on the street. 

The day you disembark you will return to the marina one hour prior to your transfer time in order to refuel and settle your A.P.A accounts. 


The yachts are equipt with plenty of water toys but you may want some extras. Your crew can advise you what additional toys are available and help you with the rental process should you wish. 


You are on a vacation! Relax and sit back and enjoy Greece. Slow down and leave your daily routine behind. 

Please do not bring any drugs onboard, including Marijuana. Possession and use is illegal in Greece and you may face prosecution under the Greek law. 

Respect your crew – they will be working non-stop to ensure you have the best experience possible. 


If you are satisfied with your charter you can show your satisfaction and appreciation by tipping the crew. Please note that gratuity varies between 5%-15% in Greece and is handed to the captain at the end of the charter. 

Click here to read our blog from our Greece specialist Kerry. She attended the Charter Yacht Show in Greece in May. 

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