Below Deck, Fact or Fiction?

We were just watching the last episode of Below Deck on Bravo and got a giggle.

As the Bravo TV Series Below Deck gains popularity Epic clients often joke around and ask “how real is it”?  We must admit, we are guilty of watching the show like so many others.  Many years ago when we were crew we used to say that our lives should be part of a reality show.  As a matter of fact if you saw the very first season of Below Deck, it was filmed at Nanny Cay Marina in Tortola, BVI.

There is a scene during the introduction of every show of a coil of line on a dock, panning to the mega yacht behind, yep, you guessed it: that was our dock-line!  I remember walking around Nanny Cay Marina turning our charter turnarounds and seeing Chef Ben and Captain Lee and the film crew and thinking “holy cow”!

Guests enjoy healthy meals served al fresco
Ultimate luxury aboard your charter yacht

Now back to “is it real?”


On your crewed yacht charter your crew does try to full-fill your requests. Two months before your charter commences, we will send you preference sheets to fill out.
This will give you an idea. You will be asked for your information such as: what you like to eat and drink, certain activities and general preferences. You will be asked about food allergies, strong likes and or dislikes and then you private chef begins to create a menu for you and your group. People often ask if it is OK if there are different likes and dislikes among the group. Of course it is! The chef can do different proteins for a meal, leave out certain items for one guest and add other items for others. If you have allergies, you also need not to worry. The chef can remove those items from the menu or even the boat, such as severe nut allergy. Meals will be served at times that suit you. If you are an early riser or late sleeper, your breakfast can be served when you like it.

The crew does go over your preference sheets together in a “preference sheet meeting”. They look at your itinerary requests, whether you like party spots or secluded anchorages. They will ask questions about your expectations and if you have done a yacht charter or similar before. You choose if you want to experience the highlights of your destination or if you prefer to stay off the beaten track. Each morning the crew will sit with you and go over your options for the day and see what you feel like doing on that day.

There are water toys and island excursions available depending on what is offered by the yacht you book. There is snorkeling, SCUBA diving (depending on the yacht), lots of water sports behind the yacht’s tender and of course lounging around in the water on floating mats or islands when you feel like it. Just sit in the shade or sun on the foredeck, it’s your choice!

Just like the Mega Yachts, at the conclusion of your charter, you do give your crew that “white envelope” showing them your appreciation

So sit back and enjoy the show!

Let your crew spoil you!
The whole family is welcome
Lunch time
Your captain will entertain on the flybridge


Your crew does not sit around slacking off and spend their off-charter nights stumbling around port and acting like college kids, they are professionals who have trained for years and have hundreds of hours and weeks of charter experience. There is no drama between the crew when you are enjoying dinner or on the upper-deck.  They are on call 24/7 and work hard to give you the vacation of a lifetime. The Captain is overall responsible for your safety and all onboard. The chef is responsible for amazing cuisine appearing from a small galley and if there are more crew like a deckhand and stewardess, they are responsible for the cleanliness of your cabin and all common areas and also help with dockage and water-sports.

While the crew does their best to accommodate your preferences, sometimes specific food items and beverages just aren’t available in the islands.  It is not like the mainland where you can get anything you want at the store or order it on Amazon. So, all in all, everyone strives to just get along with each other and ensure a very successful unforgettable vacation by the guests. This Video shows a short introduction.

Happy guests leads to happy crew and also the charter broker, that’s US!

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