Charter Yachts in St. Martin & St. Barts

EPIC Yacht Vacations

Fly into the Dutch side of this dual nation Caribbean island. St. Maarten has a large airport, and you will depart from Simpson Bay to sail around this exotic paradise island. St. Martin is on the Northside and is very French with a European feel. Don’t miss the highlights on this around the rock trip.

You will also sail/motor to nearby Anguilla with spectacular beaches and smear mud on Tintamarre. A nice sail takes you to the volcanic caldera Ile Fourchue to explore this arid but beautiful island with views of St. Barts, your next stop. Stroll through the narrow streets of St. Barts (French West Indies) and soak up the sun on their beautiful beaches with delicious cuisine served in top restaurants ashore.

You can choose between Sailing Catamarans, Power Catamarans, and Sailing Yachts in this charter location. All Epic charter yachts are crewed and offer an all-inclusive week-long unforgettable vacation for your family and friends with an exciting St. Martin/St. Barts itinerary.

Contact us if you need help with your search, and we’ll send you a list of matching crews and yachts based upon our vast experience in the Charter Yacht Industry.


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