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Plan your EPIC yacht vacation in one of the world’s hottest sailing destinations – the Caribbean or the Bahamas’ beautiful shallow waters! With a crewed yacht vacation, you can sit back, relax, and enjoy the beauty of “Nature’s Little Secrets.” Everything will be taken care of, from travel plans to your favorite drink, you don’t have to worry. Every week, there are special offers from crewed charter yachts.

Yachts and crews would rather have the cabins filled with paying guests than sitting empty, and when weeks are slow, special offers are passed on to the charter yacht brokers to help you find the right boat and price that suits your needs!

Start planning for your next vacation NOW, book, and receive reduced rates on these yachts with discounts. Contact Michelle Heyns for expert advice and assistance.

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Epic Yacht Charters
Average rating:  
 15 reviews
 by July 2022 Charter Guests-Family
Hard To Put Our Joy Into Words

It’s hard to put into words how amazing that trip was, but I will try. Here are some thoughts:

First off, the crew was amazing. The captain is great; a wealth of knowledge and experience, great sense of humor, patient (especially with the teenaged boys) and kind. I enjoyed talking with him and thought he took a real interest in our group, which was a bit diverse. He was extremely attentive to everyone on the boat, always asking if we needed anything, and even serving coffee. I didn’t expect that level of service from the captain, but the best thing about him was just talking with him. The deckhand, was a real pleasure. Everyone loved her, the adults and kids. She was fun to dive with and was awesome keeping the little and big kids happy on the water. Very patient and helpful at all times! Since she was always around on deck, I seemed to talk with her the most. I could just tell through our conversations that she is just a really nice, amazing person. A special shout out to the crew for putting up with little kids (8-9 yrs old), teenage boys, and my daughter’s boyfriend who I even find annoying! And, my brother-in-law and I could be just as childish as the kids sometimes too!

The boat was very nice. It was well-kept and clean. Sailing was a lot of fun and we enjoyed when the captain put up the sails and aloud us all to help with driving. I’m not sure we could ever do another boat after experiencing the Tranquility.

The weather was mostly awesome other than some clouds the first day and a bit rougher seas that day. However, it was mostly sunshine all week and very calm.

I thought the captain did a great job designing a route to allow for great diving, but also allow the non-divers get in the water and have fun. We also loved the bars we stopped at – Willy T, Saba Rock, Bitter End, Foxy’s Taboo, Foxy’s, Ivan’s, Soggy Dollar. We also went to the Baths. It feels like we went everywhere anyone would want to go, some places I haven’t even mentioned. I’m not sure what we could have missed.


o Seeing constant smiles on my youngest son’s face all week, as well as his two cousins of similar ages. It was a real joy seeing the 3 of them enjoy the water so much all week long.

o Spending quality time with my brother and sister in law all week that I don’t see that often. I would say the same for the time I spent with my college friend.

o Just sailing from anchorage to anchorage, enjoying the scenery, and mostly relaxing with my wife during those times. We also would find time alone in the morning with our coffee/tea before the rest of our group woke up. The mornings before breakfast when it was quiet was awesome.

o Multiple dives and snorkeling

o Foxy’s and Soggy Dollar

o Best painkiller goes either to Foxy’s Taboo or Andrea on the boat. All were good though and we tried them all! My brother-in-law tried to tell me Ivan’s was the best, but I couldn’t trust his judgement at that point in the day…

Everyone from my group loved the experience. The BVIs are more amazing than I really even thought. Sailing was even more fun than I thought. At the end of the day, the crew made the experience. I couldn’t imagine being stuck on a boat all week with a crew that had a different approach. Thanks so much!

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Current location: British Virgin Islands
Take 10% OFF for 7-night bookings occurring between 28 November 2022, and 17 December 2022.
From: 08/31/2022
To: 12/17/2022
Touch the Sky
Epic Yacht Charters
Average rating:  
 10 reviews
 by May 2021 Charter Guest
Amazing Trip!

As the title says, this was an amazing trip! If I have to summarize my review in one sentence, it will be "we felt like we were millionaires". The boat was great and it had all the toys you need to have a good time. It has a lot of space (boat space), and the gigantic fly-bridge, is a most! But what made the difference was the crew. OMG, they make you feel like you are a millionaire. We were a group of 10. Three families, 6 adults and 4 "kids" (between 18-20 year old). The crew: I can say sooo many amazing things about each of them individually that the review will be five pages long. So I'm going to be general. First of all, we felt safe 24/7 through the whole week. I can go with the Captain across the Atlantic with no problem...but if we bring Troy to keep my glass full (he kept our glasses full in the boat, in the water, at the beach, etc, etc), and the Chef to keep my belly full (the food was out of this world...and since this is my review, I give Chef Jody 6 stars).
Anyway, they made us feel like we were all family...of course, a millionaire family 🙂 ...which we are not 🙁
I just want to end my review by saying, Touch The Sky Crew...we love you guys!!!

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Current location: United States Virgin Islands
SPECIAL OFFER: SPECIAL OFFER: 10% off any charters conducted only in the USVI and started between November 1st to December 10th, 2022
From: 09/04/2022
To: 12/10/2022

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