Summer Sailing on a Power Catamaran Charter Yacht in the Bahamas

We lived in the Exuma Islands of the Bahamas for two years recently. This is why we want to invite you to see some of the most beautiful waters in the world while enjoying a luxury trip on a power catamaran. We enjoyed the clear perfect waters, the magnificent diving, the calm seas for snorkeling in the Exumas.


Some of the BVI crewed yachts move to the Bahamas for the summer season. The Exuma Islands are ideal for a faster motor yacht to easily reach destinations along the large chain of tiny islands. This is why the 60 foot Horizon Power Catamaran is a great choice with lots of space and a shallow draft to get real close to the beautiful beaches. The boats are all similar and currently we have 5 boats from the BVI which will charter here. Have a look at the layout as some will take 6 and others 4 passengers . Prices start at $15,500 for 4 passengers excluding Bahamian taxes and VAT.  Here are some choices.


Power cat “Sea Boss” – 6 Passengers, “Sea Glass” – 6 Passengers, “Ohana” – 6 Passengers, “First-A-Fence” – 4 Passengers, “Mucho Gusto” – 4 Passengers.

The summer offers warmer days and therefore also warmer ocean water to swim in as the water can get cooler in the winter season. There are so many diving sites in the Exumas and more information can be found here. The islands are not too far apart and you can spend lunch at one island and spend the night in another bay that same day.
Your trip can start anywhere, from Nassau, the Capital of the Bahamas, Staniel Cay or Georgetown along the island chain.  Along the way, there will be plenty of opportunities to visit some shore establishments, such as:


Staniel Cay Yacht ClubThis is a famous yacht club in the Exumas and offers everything from overnight dockage, fresh water, fuel, restaurants, bar and also the local air strip. Watch the Nurse Sharks swim right under the dock where the fishermen clean their catch and will be served fresh in the restaurant. Local beers wait in the bar where there is also sport on the TV’s and a pool table. The dive center can fill your dive tanks and other tours can be arranged here.

The “Pig’s Beach” on Great Major Island: On this beach, wild pigs roam and also a few chickens. Everyone visiting this island wants to swim with the pigs and even though it is not advised, tourists feed the pigs snacks, which they enjoy in exchange for a show. Sea planes also fly in and beach right there for tourists to see this phenomenon.


The Thunderball and Rocky Dundas caves: Snorkel into the cave where sun shines through a hole from above. The movie “Thunderball” with James Bond was filmed at this famous cave. Make sure to go at slack low tide as the current can be tricky during mid tide.

Compass Cay Marina: Take the tender in or dock for the night at this marina on Compass Cay and enjoy the bar right on the dock and see the Nurse sharks swim right by. Trails to hike take you to remote beaches on the other side of the island where the waters crash on pristine white sandy beaches.

Allan’s Cay: Iguanas pretty much run this tiny island on the North side of the Exuma island chain. Calm anchorage and beautiful blue water to swim in and see the Iguanas. Tourist feed them against advice and they are very keen to come and see you when you land.


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