Kayaking and Stand-Up Paddle-Boarding

Water sport activities aboard your sailing or motor yacht vacation are unlimited.

Find a quiet bay with flat calm water and get going on a kayak or SUP paddle to explore the area. From higher on a Stand-up Paddleboard, you can even see the coral heads and schools of blue tangs or a sea turtle popping his head out of the water for a breath of air. Did you know that given enough time without being in danger, a sea turtle takes 3 deep breaths before descending below to the seagrass bottom?

Different shapes and sizes
Visit the piggies in the Exumas by kayak
Take the scenic route!

If you have never tried the fun and fit (body core strengthen) activities on a Stand-up Paddleboard (SUP) your crew will show you how to use the water sports equipment onboard.

Some of the kayaks are inflatable for easy storage. Others are single or double seated kayaks. Some are built with complete see-through bottom for fish watching. Some are sleek for speed and others are just for fun. A backrest can be hooked to clips and makes it easier to lean back while you paddle.

SUP for all ages
Choose calm waters for SUP
Enjoy the views from a standing position

We have seen more than the recommended amount of people on Stand-up boards and kayaks and that can only lead to fun. See who can last the longest when you are being bashed by the wake from the tender as it speeds by in circles.

The kayaks are perfect for a little fishing expedition. You can get real close to the rocks or shore with a light fishing pole. The SUPs are easy to beach and dragged up the shore to avoid being washed away. They also have a leash that can be secured around the ankle to avoid losing the board if you decide to surf on small waves near the reefs.

Fitness is fun on a SUP
Buddies paddle while you fish
Use your kayak or SUP for a beach visit

Kayaks are stable when seated. Be sure to grip the paddle in a comfortable with and ensure that on the blade is in a horizontal position and the other in a vertical position. This way it will be easy to paddle without twisting your wrists to scoop the water with the blades.

Stand-up Paddleboarding is the fastest growing boardsports in the world. You do not always have to stand, kneeling, and laying is all accepted. Make sure you adjust the height of the paddle before you embark on your trip to the Virgin Islands.

SUPing also opened new and unexpected opportunities outside of surfing. Stand-up paddleboards are also used by yoga, pilates, fishing, and swimming enthusiasts to perform specific training.

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