What do I have to pack?

The big question when planning your charter yacht vacation is – “What do I need to pack”

You may make a list of what to pack and we can make this easy for you! 

What to pack

The first tip to packing is not to pack too much. Trust us, you will need far less than you think.

Remember that storage onboard yachts is usually limited, and it is not easy to store large hard suitcases. Strong medium-sized rolling soft bags are great and are easy to stow away.

You will also need a small bag or backpack as a carry on for your valuables such as phones, tablets, charging cables, medicines and your travel documents.

Most yachts will provide a range of amenities such as sunscreen and toiletries. Your crew will reach out to you a couple of weeks before your trip and will let you know what they have onboard so that you do not have to bring unnecessary items. This allows you to arrive carefree, knowing that you can travel as light as possible. 

The most important items to remember are your travel documents and passports. Ensure that your passport is valid and has 6 months left before it expires. It is also wise to keep a photo of your passport on your phone.  

While on your crewed yacht charter you will probably spend most of your time in your swimsuit, shorts, T-shirts, cover ups and sundresses. As well as flip flops and sandals, water shoes are also great for when wading in shallow water. For hiking ashore or for those who like running, bring a pair of sneakers and socks. We recommend casual and comfortable attire onboard, and if you want to dress up a little for dinner ashore or a little dancing with local entertainment, something a little more stylish may be in order.

crewed yacht charter in the Greek Islands may mean that you spend a few more nights ashore sampling the wonderful cuisine that is on offer.  A light sweater or jacket are recommended for cooler nights in both the Caribbean and GreeceHats or baseball caps really do help keep the sun off your face. A second-skin long-sleeved swim shirt comes in handy when the water is cooler. Your yacht will provide towels, beach towels, robes, and make-up removing face cloths.

We all have great cameras on our phones these days, but if you have a separate camera you will be sure to want to bring that along. There will be so many photo opportunities, you will want to share on social media or to frame when you get back home. Your camera should definitely be on your list to pack. If you have an underwater camera, take that also as there will be plenty of beautiful fish and coral to take photos of.

Sunscreen is a must. Most boats offer reef-safe sunscreen, shampoo, conditioners, and shower gel. You may bring your own sun protection, but please do not use the spray-on type, these often stain cushions, decks and towels.  “Reef-friendly” sunscreen is preferred as it does not impact on ocean life.  Lip balm and after-sun lotions are also recommended if these are not already onboard.

Don’t forget to pack your sunglasses to protect your eyes and help with glare from the strong sun. Motion sickness is not common on catamarans, but if you are prone to motion sickness, bring wristbands, ear patches, or Dramamine anti sickness pills.
Bug spray is provided by most boats, but you may bring your own favorite brand if you prefer.

You may want to walk or hike ashore so a small backpack or dry bag comes in very handy to carry water, sunscreen, and any gifts you may purchase.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any other questions about what to pack.

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