Can I Drink the Water?

When booking your charter yacht vacation, you may have an important question - "Can I drink the water on the boat?"

All of the charter catamarans whom we recommend are equipped with watermakers.

Once the water has been made, (explanation to follow), there are many filtration systems in place to ensure pure drinking water onboard.

The crews ensure that you are given drinking cups and you can serve yourself from a spigot at the cockpit bar.

Many yachts have monogrammed cups and some add your names too. Water stays cold in stainless steel cups and you can add fresh ice from the ice maker. Some chefs get very creative and add fruit or citrus and infused water is very refreshing. So, the answer is YES! Let’s avoid a lot of unnecessary plastic when cases of water bottles have to be stowed somewhere on the boat and then in some places, there is no recycling.

Reverse osmosis removes contaminants from unfiltered water, or seawater when pressure forces it through a semipermeable membrane. Water flows from the more concentrated side (more contaminants) of the RO membrane to the less focused side (fewer contaminants) to provide clean drinking water. The freshwater produced is called the permeate. The wastewater is replaced in the ocean.

semipermeable membrane has tiny pores that block contaminants but allow water molecules to flow through. In osmosis, water becomes more concentrated as it passes through the membrane to obtain equilibrium on both sides. Reverse osmosis, however, blocks contaminants from entering the less focused side of the membrane. For example, when pressure is applied to a volume of saltwater during reverse osmosis, the salt is left behind and only clean water flows through. 

RO System by Sea Water Pro

Well, that should help, please feel free to contact us if you have suggestions for other excited guests ready to embark on a vacation of a lifetime with Epic Yacht Charters.

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