Sailing Charter Vacation in St. Croix

Aboard your charter yacht in St. Croix, US Virgin Islands, you can enjoy a variety of exhilarating water activities from cays with beaches, world-class Scuba diving, deep-sea fishing, snorkeling, kayaking, and paddleboarding. Paragliding and jet skiing are available by tour companies and can be arranged by your crew. Get certified as a Scuba diver or just discover the sport first. Wall dives are very popular along the North shore. See more than 500 species of fish and lots of coral reefs while snorkeling. Land activities will take you on hiking, biking, or eco-tours to awe-inspiring views!

Google Map of St. Croix located South of Charlotte Amalie, St. Thomas
Sailing to St. Croix from St. Thomas or St. John is part of your US Virgin Islands charter itinerary. Your exciting beam reach sail in good conditions may take up to 4 hrs. This is the best place to wet the lines and catch bigger deep-sea fish such as wahoos, sailfish, Mahi-Mahi, and tuna. This means that your dinner may be a delicious self-caught dinner.
Enjoy a beam reach sail south to St. Croix
Fresh caught fish is very exciting
Catamaran_Rapscallion_St. Croix2
Anchor in the protected harbor of Christiansted
Buck Island is a great day stop for beach fun - (file photo)

A very nice day anchorage for the day at Buck Island Reef National Monument allows for lots of water-sport activities and beach time. Here you can just hang behind your charter yacht in a large variety of inflatable toys or explore the island with a bit of hiking. Some photos by Catamaran Rapscallion.

Elkhorn coral is the major builder of the barrier reef surrounding the island and this makes for good snorkeling. After a day at the beach, return to the Christiansted anchorage for a night on the town. In the morning after breakfast, feel free to visit the old Danish fort Christiansvaern.

Let your crew spoil you with drinks while you float at Buck Island
Catamaran_Rapscallion_St. Croix
Catamaran RAPSCALLION at anchor near the fort

A very exciting way to see some of the off-the-beaten-track attractions is to rent a Jeep. When you stop for views you can also hike to scenic spots. You will be able to see St. Thomas in the distance from higher up. Drive to the Western point and visit this quaint colonial town with colorful shops where you can get your souvenir shopping done. This is also the cruise ship dock where tourists depart on a circle drive on St. Croix.

When you pass through the rainforest, stop at the Domino club and enjoy feeding the resident pigs non-alcoholic beer. The frothing foam as they puncture the cans in their powerful jaws. After guzzling the beer, they merely spit the cans to the ground. A new item on the bucket list!

If you like horses, book a trip on the beach with a local outfitter and you will enjoy the Caribbean cowboy experience.

Conditions have to be just right, and one of the best places in the world to find Bioluminescence is Salt River Bay, located on St. Croix. There, outfitters offer night tours, often in glass-bottom boats so tourists can get a close look at the light show from your kayak.

Feed the pigs beer at the Domino Club in the rainforest
Catamaran_Rapscallion_St. Croix_horses
Go horse riding on the beach with local outfitters
Catamaran_Rapscallion_St. Croix_buck_island_hike
Hiking is fun when you can do this at your own leasure
Stroll the colorful streets of Frederiksted

If you are an avid Scuba diver, stopover at Cane Bay dive shop. You will have a chance to wade into the ocean with dive gear and before you know it, you are at the wall. You will only descend as deep as you want to explore the wall dive. The wall itself is so deep, that you will never see the bottom. This adds to the excitement and there you stand a good chance to face a few sharks, enjoy the very colorful sponge coral under flashlight, and look for seahorses.

Scuba diver in the Caribbean, next to a coral reef.
Scuba dive the wall dive on the North side of St. Croix
Snorkel the reef if you choose to see some fish without Scuba diving

Adding another milestone to your travel list will visit the Easternmost point of American soil at Point Udall. Here you will only find a monument and parking. 

St. Croix_Christiansted
Great views await you as you drive around the whole island
St. Croix_Point_Udall
Point Udall monument

The island of St. Croix has so much to offer from tourism to cultural history and of course wonderful nature. We look forward to you coming back for more fun in the sun!

We look forward to helping you from the minute you decide to go on a charter yacht vacation with Epic Yacht Charters until you arrive onboard the yacht which you chose for an unforgettable vacation.

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