Dodecanese Sample Itinerary

Let Epic Yacht Charters customize your next unforgettable Greece vacation. Below are some sample itineraries showing a few of the islands you will visit on your crewed charter yacht vacation.

The Greek Islands are separated into different cruising areas. Where and what islands you visit during your charter will depend on yacht speed, power or sail. The final route will be discussed with your captain and will be dependent on weather.

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Kos to Leros

Fly into Kos to meet your crew and board your yacht.
Your first island is Leros, known for its rich history and beautiful beaches.

The island has been inhabited since ancient times and has been influenced by various civilizations, including Venetians and Ottomans. The island was under Italian occupation from 1912 to 1943, and the Italian influence can still be seen in the architecture.

Agia Marina offers a vibrant atmosphere with shops, tavernas, and cafes. Other charming villages include Platanos, Pandeli and Alinda. Leros has several beautiful beaches such as Panteli, Alinda and Vromolithos Beach. The island is also known for good diving spots with various underwater caves and wrecks to explore. The Castle of Pandeli is worth a visit and offers panoramic views of the island.



Kalymnos has a rugged and mountainous landscape, with its highest peak reaching over 2,290ft. The island is well known for sponge diving, which was a very important part of the Islands economy. Visitors today can learn about the history of the industry which the island was engaged in for centuries.

The main town of Pothia showcases a mix of traditional and modern architecture. It is a lively town with colorful houses, narrow streets and a waterfront lined with cafes and taverns. It is also home to several museums holding relics such as statues, jewelry, and ceramics.

Kalymnos has many wonderful beaches where you can have a swim in the crystal-clear waters and enjoy a drink at a beachside taverna.



One of the main attractions of Nisyros is its active Volcano. It last  erupted in 1888 and gives the island a unique character. You can hike or get a taxi up to the crater and witness volcanic activity close up. The views from the top are amazing.

Nisyros is known for its traditional villages, such as Nikia and Emporio. These offer a glimpse into the island’s traditional way of life. The main town is Mandraki which has a charming harbor where you will see lots of fishing boats. The town is also home to many cafes, tavernas, and shops where you can enjoy local cuisine and purchase traditional products.

The island has some interesting historical sites such as the Castle of Emporio and the monastery of Panagia Spilani. The best beaches are Pali, Lies, and Gialiskari. These beaches offer a peaceful and tranquil environment away from the crowds.



With less than 1,000 inhabitants, this island is very quiet. The island has a few charming villages and a main port called Megalo. The villages offer traditional Greek architecture, narrow streets, and a laid-back atmosphere.

The Island has many beautiful beaches and secluded coves boasting clear waters and golden sand. Making it perfect for swimming and sunbathing while enjoying your peaceful surroundings.

The island has been a designated nature reserve since 1990 with its rare plant species and a stopover for migratory birds. There is also an abandoned village on the island where you can go and explore the ruins.



Halki is a small island west of Rhodes. It’s traditional village is characterized by its neoclassical architecture, colorful buildings and narrow alleys. The village square, known as Pondamos, is a central gathering point with cafes and tavernas. Another noticeable feature is the medieval castle, known as the Castle of the Knights, which stands overlooking the village. Enjoy wonderful views from here and learn about the island’s history.

Nimborio is the main beach of the island, located near the village. Here are some beachfront tavernas with sunbeds and umbrellas for you to enjoy. Take a walk along the marina at sunset and enjoy a cocktail.



The medieval Old Town in Rhodes is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is surrounded by medieval walls and home to numerous historical landmarks, including the Palace Grand Master, the Street of the Knights, and the Archaeological Museum of Rhodes.

Rhodes has a rich culinary scene influenced by both Greek and Mediterranean cuisines. Indulge in fresh seafood dishes and a variety of local specialties. The island has a lively nightlife with many bars and night clubs, particularly in the town of Rhodes and the resort area of Faliraki.

Dodecanese Simi



The main town is characterized by neoclassical mansions, which were built in the 19th century during the island’s prosperous sponge fishing era. The waterfront promenade is a great place to take a stroll and enjoy the local cafes and tavernas. There are some great beaches in Symi, known for their beautiful clear waters and great snorkeling opportunities.

Located on the southern side of the island is the Panormitis Monastery which is dedicated to the Archangel Michael and attracts pilgrims from all over Greece. You can visit the monastery and explore its beauty and learn about its religious significance. Simi also has a rich maritime history which you can learn more about at the Maritime Museum.



Kos is where you will disembark your crewed Yacht charter.

The capital of Kos, also called Kos, is a bustling tourist destination with a mix of modern amenities and historical sites. The town offers a vibrant atmosphere with its numerous restaurants, bars, and clubs.

Kos is home to many Blue Flag beaches, which are recognized for their high standards in cleanliness and water quality.

One of the main attractions in Kos is the Asklepion, an ancient medical center dedicated to the God of healing. The archaeological site is well preserved and provides insights into the ancient medical practices of the time. You can explore the ruins of the temple, the ancient theatre, and the Roman baths. The castle is also worth a visit. The medieval fortress, located in the heart of Kos, offers panoramic views of the island.


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