What Should I Expect to Pay for a Below Deck Crewed Charter?

We take a look at the costs involved and where these crewed yachts can be chartered.

I had never heard of Below Deck when I first started working on crewed charter yachts in the BVI in 2014, but I soon became familiar with this famous show. Without fail, during every charter, I would get asked by the guests if I had ever watched the TV series, and so I had to see for myself. Well, I was hooked, especially as each show is left on a cliffhanger that keeps you guessing and wanting more. As a chef on a 60ft catamaran, it certainly was an eye-opener as to how these super yachts operate.

Where does Below Deck Cruise?

With Below Deck now in its 10th season with over 100 shows aired, I took a look at what luxury crewed yachts have been on the show and where they are chartering now. And the question everyone wants to know; is how much does it cost to charter a Below Deck Yacht?

 The yachts featured in the show are available to charter, apart from Yacht Eros, which is only used by its owner now. The costs quoted below are only the base rate for a 7-night charter. 

To charter these luxury crewed yachts, all fuel, food, drinks, taxes, and the crew gratuity are additional costs. These costs run into tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands of dollars. To have a true indication you would probably need to double the cost of the base rate. The crewed charters on the show are only for 3 nights, but the crew works hard to jam-pack everything onto the short trip.

Crewed Yacht on Below Deck
Photo Below Deck Crew Courtesy of Bravo TV



Charter Rate From

Where Now?












Currently N/A

Four, Five, Seven




Six, Eight, Nine





St David



Photos Below Deck Courtesy of Bravo TV

From the Caribbean to the Mediterranean and to Norway, the series has covered many destinations since its first appearance in 2013. Season 2 was filmed in the British Virgin Islands and featured many highlights that can be explored on your private yacht charter. The Baths with its magical boulders and chambers, the famous Foxys and Soggy Dollar Bar, and beautiful Anegada, with its relaxed island vibes. Season 4 featured the United States Virgin Islands with the islands of St Thomas, St Croix, and the beautiful St John.

Season 3 saw the Below Deck crew go to The Bahamas. The many islands of the Exumas are a magical place to experience a crewed yacht charter. The beaches are some of the best in the world and the water is the clearest I have ever seen.

The TV show does not pay for the charter. The guests pay for the 3 days onboard, plus their tip to the hardworking crew. 

Below Deck is brilliant entertainment and is a great insight into the superyacht industry. As an ex-yacht chef, I can safely say that it is not a reflection of what happens on a sailing or power catamaran with 2-4 crew. However, what is the same is the experience that your crew gives you. From the incredible food to the water sports, diving, snorkeling, picnics on the beach, and themed party nights. Whatever you want to experience on your yacht charter our crews will do their very best to make sure it happens! Epic and your crew want you to have the best vacation possible.

Affordable and Luxurious Alternatives to a Below-Deck Yacht

Find out the cost of chartering one of our crewed yachts for an unforgettable experience. Here at Epic, we have yachts for charter in the Virgin Islands, Caribbean, and Bahamas, that cater to a range of budgets

Here are some of of more affordable and luxurious alternatives to a Below Deck yacht. Get in touch and let us help you get that Below Deck experience. 

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Feel free to contact Hannah and Michelle and ask how we can help you find the right boat and crew for your next unforgettable all-inclusive vacation. Thank You.


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